Male Bush / Conduit Gland Male Bush​

09 Brass Male Bush

Applications areas :- Brass Bushes are designed to protect cables from sharp edges when entering trunking or equipment’s , Machines, Devices, Housings, Panels Outdoor or Indoor for use with all types of Unarmoured Cable Provide Seal on Outer Sheath of the Unarmored Cable

Raw Material specification :-
Grade of Brass                  : CuZn39Pb3 / IS 319
Copper + Nickel Content : 56.00 – 59.00%
Zinc                                     : Remainder%
Lead                                    : 1.50 – 3.50%
Iron                                      : 0.35% Max
Total Impurities                 : 0.40 – 0.70%

Sizes available  :-PG7, PG9, PG11, PG13.5, PG16, PG21, PG29, PG36, PG42, PG48
M12, M16, M18, M20, M25, M32, M40, M50, M63,
special size can be made as per customers drawing and specification



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