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Airgrip is your complete resource for custom Forged and Machined brass components. We will review your part drawing or sample part and give you a prompt quotation. Expert engineering assistance is available if needed. We perform in a manner that will result in your complete satisfaction.

In the past 29 years we have developed so many types of Custom turned and machined brass parts for a wide range of Industries.

Manufacturing process we do

*   Turning                                                                                     *   Hot & Cold Forging
*   CNC Turning                                                                            *   Threading
*   Drilling                                                                                      *   Knurling
*   Milling                                                                                       *   Stamping
*   Broaching                                                                                 *   Marking
*   Sub assemblies

Machines We Have

*   CNC Turning Center                                                                    *   Forging Press
*   Cam Operated Turning Centre                                                  *   Milling Machine
*   Conventional Turning Centre                                                    *   Special Purpose Milling Machine  
*   Special Purpose Turning Centre                                               *   Drilling Machines
*   Threading Machine                                                                     *   Hand Press
*   Special Purpose Threading Machine                                       *   Power Press
*   Marking machine                                                                        *   Tool Grinders
*     Brass extrusion plants within 3 km radius.
*     surface Finish facilities within 2 km radius.

We are the one-stop resource for your custom turned and machined brass components need.

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We will review your part drawing or sample part and give you a prompt quotation.


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