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Now we have in-house forging facilities with 125 abd 150 ton capacity forging machine

We have update our Website and come up with new fresh look.

Brass Turned Parts
Brass Turned Parts

Brass Turned Parts




Airgrip Group are a meium to high volume Screw Machine Parts & Components supplier who produce Brass Turned Parts, Brass precision Turnning components to specific drawing tolerances. Due to sound engineering and innovative flair, we can solve manufacturing requirements of the most technically demanding parts.

In addition, our Inspection Department has a comprehensive stock of gauges, clocks and micrometers etc, together with profile Projector. In many instances we work closely with our customers during the design stage of their product, to ensure that the most economical component is produced with respect to shape & standard material etc.

Quality and Service is a Priority

Quality is not just about having procedures in place. It is also about having the right tools to do the work, and that our staff is quality conscious.  This comes about by having a pride in what they produce.

Service starts from when we receive an enquiry through to the delivery of that item. With this in mind we hope to form a partnership with our customers to give them the service they are looking for.

Precision Components

  • Automotive Accessories
  • Architectural Hardware
  • Bathroom Equipment
  • Bicycle Components & Fittings
  • Electrical Applications
  • Furniture Fittings
  • Control Systems
  • Electrical Appliances
  • SwitchGear & FuseGear
  • Lighting Systems & Eqment
  • Mechanical & Electrical Toys
  • Valves & Water Fittings
  • Central Heating Applications