Automotive Battery Fasteners
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Automotive Battery Fasteners


At Airgrip Fastenings, we specialise in the production of Automotive fasteners in Brass & Mild Steel Material which are custom made to our customer's requirements.

We understand that finding the best fastener for the job in hand is a difficult and laborious process, but it needn't be. With a dedicated technical support & R&D team ready to help, your specialty fasteners can rapidly be in the making.

We work closely with every customer to create the correct fasteners for their specific application.

By discussing the needs in detail, we can develop a specification on a bespoke basis ensuring our customers really do get the best fasteners for the product.

Below are Main Required Specification & Test of Automotive Battery Fasteners.


Test Parameter / Specification We Achieve
"WEIGHT LOSS TEST :- Fastener should exhibit loss in weight 0.04% max & no corrosion after immersion in 1.250 Sulfuric Acid at 40~ C Temperature for 4 Hours." 0.04 % Max 0.02%
SALT SPRAY TEST :- Fastener should pass Salt Spray Test. Salt solution :- 5% Sodium Chloride Solution ( w/w ), Temperature of Chamber 35~C, Duration - 96 Hours Pass
HEAT AND QUENCH TEST :- Fasteners to pass Heat and Quench Test ASTM STANDARD B571-91. Pass
WATER TEST :- Fastener should not Exhibit any type of Corrosion ( Red ) Mark on Surface Area after immersion in normal tap water at room temperature. Duration - 24 Hours Duration - 48 Hours in 5% Salt Water

Any kind of Automotive Battery Fasteners can be Developed and Supplied Exactly As per Customer Drawings, Specification, Design, Samples & Requirement.