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Now we have in-house forging facilities with 125 abd 150 ton capacity forging machine

We have update our Website and come up with new fresh look.

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Quality Assurance

  • Quality Planning
  • Test Equipments
  • Trainings
  • In-Process & Inter-Process Inspections
  • Equipment Calibration & Maintenance
  • Up-to-date records of quality standards
  • Dedicated Design & Developement Department
  • Design & Development as per Custom Specification
  • 100% Visual Inspection to ensure 100% visual defect free products.
Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

Implementation of Effective Inventory strategies like JIT (Kanban) & Safety Stocks enable us provide timely deliveries, reducing ordering cost & handling cost to Customers.

Rational Pricing

  • Free Quote
  • Simple & effective Transparent Pricing Structure
  • Special Price for Long Run Contract Manufacturing on Mass
  • Quick Quote

Skilled Engineering

Our Skilled Engineers thrive to improve the Yield of manufacturing resources thus increasing the overall productivity. Engineering department is responsible for Process establishment and continuous improvement for the products and is responsible for related documentation and responsible for keeping the master samples. As such we are manufacturer of Custom products; Our Engineering Department, do aid our customers in re-design the products to make it more cost effective with value engineering techniques.

Our Comprehensive Understanding & knowledge towards the application & criticality of components especially in brass metal, makes us stand firm in competitive market of business.

Advance Techniques, latest machineries, our policy of continuous upgrading our technology, process & system means us to get invited to more business, infact royal business.