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Now we have in-house forging facilities with 125 abd 150 ton capacity forging machine

We have update our Website and come up with new fresh look.

About Air Grip

Airgrip Group are a medium to high volume varies brass Products supplier who produce precision Components, Brass Turned Parts, Shrew machine Parts & Fasteners, including Sub-Assemblies to specific drawing tolerances. Due to sound engineering and innovative flair, We can solve manufacturing requirements of the most technically demanding parts.

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Contract Manufacturer

Brass Scrape ( Honey )
Price @ Local Market Rs./Kg.

Date Price
31-12-2017 344.00
29-12-2017 345.00
28-12-2017 342.00
27-12-2017 340.00
26-12-2017 338.00
25-12-2017 335.00
21-12-2017 332.00
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How can we solve your outsourcing problem?

Finding a new reliable supplier isn't always easy. When sourcing Screw Machined Parts & Fasteners, Brass turned Parts & Precision components or Messing Drehteile you may have concerns regarding technical competence, reliability of supply, sustainable future of supply, quality issues or pricing pressure.

Airgrip Group are a reliable brass turned parts & Fasteners manufacturer, our customers demand a lot from us and we never underestimate them. In today's worldwide market place customers can shop around to find the best. Maybe we are the best solution for you.